Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tradeshow booth development

We've all been there, you spend weeks working on the design with the input from others trying to meet a deadline. You finally get all the chefs in the same kitchen and they agree. You send the final file to the printer.

Times passes....

You get your trade show graphic and it's perfect. To be sure the size is right, you set up the table top in the conference room and put up your new trade show booth in all it's glory. Someone walks in (or you invite them to see the beauty) and they say, "hey, I thought we stopped using that vendor?"

Change is the only constant and while that is good for printing companies, it's not good for those of us who want some closure. So, I've developed a process which I call "Supportive Panels". I design my trade show booth to allow me to use or not use these panels. They are usually designed on a 11 x 17 inch panel which is then printed out in color and mounted on foam core. We simply attach them to the trade show booth graphic to address specific trade show events.

When the supportive panel is not needed, it is removed and the message underneath is used. We also use these on easels to put on the table next to the main graphic.

11 x 17 work well because they are a cost friendly size. 1 panel usually cost about 14.00

Tj Todd

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