Sunday, May 18, 2008

Effiective vs. Eye Candy

So here's the scenario...

You've just been to 3 new websites that look more like a video game than a website. The talking avatars and Myst like pages are still dancing in your head like Christmas morning sugar plums. You sit back in your chair and say to yourself, I need a site like that. I want something that wows someone when they visit my site. I'll get the next Webby for sure.

You contact a design studio (such as Studio490) and they rain on your parade by telling you that an all Flash site is all but invisible to Search Engines.

You may ask yourself, then why do I see so many sites with all the crazy movement, voice overs, transitions and more?

The Answer....

They usually belong to an established company which really does not need to worry about being Found. It's more about reinforcing their brand with a cool site. Here is a test, what is the name of the shoe company that has a tag line of "Just Do it"? Can you find their site without having to use Google?

When you don't have to worry about your audience discovering, you can focus on different brand angles.

I believe a combination of Flash and html is the best of both worlds. The flash sets a tone to the site, but the html provides you a platform to stay "Findable" on the search engines.

Your objective should be to educate your soon to be clients on your products/services and entertain them enough to have them remember you.

Let Studio490 take you to the next level of web development.

Tj Todd
CEO / Creative Director