Friday, April 13, 2007

Consulation services available for using your computer.

Operating a computer may seem second nature to some and completely foreign to others. Studio490 not only wants to serve your needs in the Design / Marketing / Blog Development area of business, but we want to help you become comfortable with using your computer. Since many of our services happen online, we want to offer a consulting service for those looking to get a better handle on how to use there computer to the fullest.

Some questions that never seem to get answered.
1 - How do I check my email when I'm not at home?
2 - How do I save my user name and password so I can log back in?
3 - Do I have to shut my computer down when I stop using it?
4 - What browser should I use?
5 - Do I need to run system updates?
6 - What is a Blog?
7 - What is a MySpace?
8 - How do I find pictures online?
9 - When I save a file on my computer, where does it go?
10 - How can I stop the pop up windows?

Contact us for scheduling a visit, chat (IM) or phone call today.

Tj & Dana Todd

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Business Blog

When we were approached by one of our clients about Blog Development we were naturally excited about the project. While talking over dinner about the benefits of Business Blogs our client began to get excited about the possibilities as well. The more we provide these type of services to our clients, but more reasons we find for the development of them.

We don't name names at Studio490 but we will say that this client is a Fortune 500 company and we simply assumed they already had a business blog. They didn' they will.

If you don't know what the benefits a blog would be for your company, please visit or call us at 504-220-3721 for a free consultation.

Tj & Dana Todd
Design / Marketing / Blog Development