Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Studio490 jumps into Blog Development

February 20, 2007

Contact: Tj Todd, Principle Owner
Phone: (504) 220-3721
Email: tj@studio490.com

Studio490 expands service line to include Blog Development

Studio490 now offers Design / Marketing and Blog development services to it clients.

In 1995 Studio490 was established and they set up shop in their hometown of New Orleans, La. In '95 they provided print & web design services to their clients, today their services have been reorganized into 3 areas. Studio490 now provides Design / Marketing / Blog Development services that can take a project from start to finish and track the metrics when they get you there.

By expanding their service line to include the website of the 21st century (the blog), they are very excited by their clients return on investment. When asked how they would describe themselves as a company, Dana Todd, CFO of Studio490 said, "when we step back and look at the services we provide, we describe ourselves with two words; Creatively Strategic."

Established in 1995, this husband and wife dynamic duo prides themselves on quality of service at an affordable investment. With a combined experience of over 40 years in design & marketing, the couple is often heard muttering, "we don't feel that old."


Sunday, February 04, 2007

BlogDeveloper.org - A Division of Studio490


In 2005 we caught the blog bug and haven't stop blogging since. We've always felt that the web was about more than dancing logos and flash intros. With blogs growing at 70,000 new blogs each day, we wanted to provide a service to the practical users out there. While we love talking about all the things that we are passionate about on our personal blogs, we are also very passionate about developing Corporate blogs.

While working with a high tech company I approached management about developing a blog for their company. Just like any manager worth his salt, he pushed it off until he could figure out what a blog was. After several meetings we were allowed to follow this new endeavor. After chairing a committee to develop online content, we launched their blog 2 months later. Now they have a process in place to generate ideas, content and posting. Not only do they have quality control measures in place, they can track their blog with real time stats which can be connected to a firm ROI result.

We take companies from "what's a blog" to "of coarse we have a blog" within 2 months. That includes developing a content vehicle, publishing process and tracking tools. The blogs or tomorrow will do what we always wanted our web sites to do.

Our Services:
- Planning and architecture your blog for your audience
- Developing a content generating vehicle
- Developing a blog policy and disclaimer
- Implementing a quality control process
- Installing tracking for ROI metrics
- Blog research
- Blog Campaign Design & Management
- Blog promotions

You can contact us at tj@studio490.com